Şanlıurfa is located in the southeast of Turkey, at the center of the GAP (Southeastern Anatolia Project), which is a major development project of the country. As it is one of the oldest settlement in Masopotamia, and due to its strategical location close to the water sources and crossroads of trade, Şanlıurfa always has had a great importance throughout the history.

After a decree in 1984, the city's name was changed to Şanlıurfa by attaching 'Şanlı' in front of it due to heroism of people in Independence War.

The city has a rooted cultural heritage. The first Islamic University of the world is located in Harran/Şanlıurfa, which is considered to be included in World Cultural Heritage. The City of Urfa seems to be as an open air museum with its Houses, Streets, Bazaars, Inns, Baths, Fountains, Bridges, Mosques, Castle and City Walls. The city is referred to as the ' City of Prophets', because monotheistic religion followers, including, Sabiism and several prophets like Abraham, Job, Elijha and Jacob lived here.

The artists, musicians, writers, poets, works of handicraftsmen, folk dances, cuisine and various features of Şanlıurfa are important as they show the cultural values of the city.